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Format : 2 CD
Edition : 250 copies
Release date : 15 October 2015
Cat# : LH65

Status: SOLD OUT

Track list:


1 - Maidanek Bakterium (21:53) [mp3]
2 - Musique Belzec (23:47) [mp3]


1 - Mutant Brain (19:43) [mp3]
2 - Mord Bahnhof (23:56) [mp3]

Mectpyo / Blut was the first cassette to be privately issued by Maurizio Bianchi under the M.B. moniker in 1980 soon after his early sonic incarnation Sacher Pelz ceased to exist.

Swirling and dense cacophony, hypnotic tape loops and layers upon layers of relentless sounds.

This is classic M.B. early style. A must have.

First ever CD re-issue.
Remastered from original master tapes for superb audio.
Edition of 250 copies in printed 4 panel cd wallet with glossy finish.
Cover images are 1980 original M.B. artwork.


Review from

'Mectpyo/Blut' came out in 1980 as a ninety-minute cassette and between that and this official double CD Banned Production and Bacteria Field released it on cassette, but also came out as a double LP by Marquis Records and a single LP in Japan on no particular label.

This release marks the transition from using the name Sacher Pelz to M.B. and was his first official release as M.B. (or MB, whatever you prefer).

Four pieces here, each about twenty-two minutes (hence this being a c90 when it came out, and most suitable for a 2LP re-issue - one day?), and in each of these pieces MB plays around with some low fidelity means, such as spinning records by hand and taping them to reel-to-reel machines, cutting them into crude loops and playing around with these. Each of these pieces could be divided into separate pieces of music itself - 'Musique Belzec' even contains a piece with 'sampled' rhythm loop. It's not as distorted as some of his later work, and also the use of effects, such as his much beloved delay pedal on his later records from his early days.

The music is very atonal, devoid of much composition and sometimes way too long staying within a few limited sounds. Boring? Yes, perhaps indeed, but there is always something captivating I think about what MB does, and such subjective 'good' or 'bad' are somehow irrelevant; it either grabs you and you love it, or you stay stone cold and hate it. No prizes to win on which side I am.